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 Experimental Game {Tag: Rosetta}

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Karissa Breeze

Karissa Breeze

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Experimental Game {Tag: Rosetta} Empty
PostSubject: Experimental Game {Tag: Rosetta}   Experimental Game {Tag: Rosetta} EmptyTue Sep 22, 2015 9:30 pm

It was around six and she was feeling a little hungry from reading and at least studying in her dorm room. She decided to go out and get herself something to eat and was looking for the nearest place to take a small break from just reading. She found herself in the recreation center and found the restaurant that was inside the place. Luckily, she would not have to go to the food court which was a couple of steps up from the place, so, eating at this place could not be so bad. She temped to take her books, but, she needed a break. So, she found herself inside the place and as the waiter took her in, she sat at the table and ordered some salad as an appetizer and some hot coffee. She sips the coffee and thought it was a good taste. She sighed a little and quickly took out her phone and started to play Angry Birds on it while eating. She chuckled at the cute little bird noises from the game.
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Experimental Game {Tag: Rosetta}
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