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Elite World Training Center for Gifted Talents
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 Roleplay Informations & Rules

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Welcome to the Elite World Training Center for Gifted Talents. This program is entirely a voluntary choice, although we hope many of you will enlist in our program. Your special powers could be an asset to world safety, and every enlisted individual helps towards our goal of a better tomorrow.
For centuries, gifted people were told to conceal their powers, to suppress their gifts and leave the world blind to our presence. In our present age, we are allowed to express ourselves, to embrace our true selves, and to be proud of our gifts. That is why we are here. To nurture and train your individual strengths.
At Elite we have seven divisions, each specified to a category of powers, where you will be given excellent training and counsel for your particular gift. Upon arrival at the training facility, you will be undergoing a series of tests to determine the potential strength of your power, its source and what division you belong in. (Note: This will be determined for you once you have been accepted into the roleplay, and is not your personal choice. You will have to work with what you have been given). These tests are harmless, painless and necessary to fully understand and utilize your powers.

This non/Disney roleplay focuses on special people with supernatural powers, such as superhuman strength or breathing underwater. The training center is a governmentally owned facility. Its role is to train special agents for UN’s forces. To enter, one must first sign a contract with the UN to ensure their loyalty. This is to avoid the use of their trained powers for egoistical or illegal means, but also to ensure loyalty once the agents are needed. The center is brand new. It has been planned for years, and is finally opening this year. As such, all students are brand new admissions to the team.
The center is not bound by any national law and is independent of national governments. Agents of every nationality, color, age (above the age of 12), religion, gender and other factors are welcome. The center has been entrusted to the top agents the UN could provide; Mirage and Milori, their true names withheld to protect their identities. With their approval and consent, only the best agents have been chosen as trainers for the facility.
Anyone above the age of 12 are allowed to test their abilities in front of a jury. Sadly, not everyone are agent material, and not everyone’s powers are strong enough to pass the test, but those who do are welcome to the facility. In the contract necessary to enroll, the future agent agrees to leave their home and live at the center until their trainer considers them ready for field work. At any time during their training, they are allowed to leave or can even be kicked out, but this would result in a terminal completion of the training, and they will not be allowed to enlist again or continue their training in the future.
The center is set on an island in the Pacific Ocean, far away from civilization and society, to ensure the safety of civilians. Training can prove dangerous, and it is UNs utmost concern to protect innocent bystanders from being endangered. Because of this, no one are allowed to leave the island during their training.


Just like any RP there ever was, and every RP there ever will be, we too, must have some rules xD They are not many, but they are important, so we hope there will be no problems following them. Even in this roleplay of immense powers and surreal stories, there must be some order and system, right? So here we go:

1. Respect the rules. This is by far the most important rule. This also includes respecting the division and strength level you have been handed at the beginning.

2. No godmodding. This is the worst thing anyone could ever do to ruin the fun for someone else. Please do not control others' characters without permission and planning first. Let everyone control their own character, and everyone will be happy Smile

3. Only CGI characters are allowed. Clay animation is also allowed, but 2D and LA stop motion animation are not. In addition, only characters from films that are either originally in English, or have been dubbed into English, are allowed. Other sources of characters allowed are videogames that contain videos of a certain quaility (e.g. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts...) and CGI TV shows.

4. Once you have been accepted into the roleplay, we will determine the strength level of your character (on a scale from 1 to 10). This is your character's potential for strength. Please respect the strength level you have been given. We are not doing this to punish anyone, but everyone can't be a 10, or the fun would be lost. This, in the game, will be determined by a full body check in the lab upon arrival at the training center. On said scale, a 1-2 would be rather weak, almost a normal human. 3-4 would still be weak, but the powers would be clear. A 5 would be the average strength level of powers. 6-7 would equal strong, but managable strength, whilst an 8-9 would be quite a dangerous level. A 10 is almost unheard of, and just a handful of people worldwide possess this power.

5. Each roleplayer can have a maximum of five character. Three from the beginning, and an additional two once activity has been proven. Only claim as many characters as you can handle. To specify, you are only allowed to audition with three characters at present time, and once you have proven your activity level, you can then ask for an additional two characters. Every rper can freely ask up to 3 characters in any moment, but to ask for a 4th and a 5th character the rper have to prove that he is active. To do so, in a period of 2 months he has to have done at least 50 posts with each of his 3 characters and a total of at least 200 posts to obtain a 4th character, for a 5th character it has to be at least 50 posts with each of the 4 characters but a total of at least 300 posts.

6. Respect every character and roleplayer. They are each responsible for their own characters, and cannot be forced or pushed into complying with your roleplaying needs simply because it would suit you. Every roleplayer must make their own choices based on their own wants.

7. Only characters above the age of 12 (that means 13 or above) is permitted into the training center, so please do not create younger characters than this.

8. No character can have more than one specified power. That means you can not have both illusion and super strength for example.

9. All characters are humans. Even if your character in its original movie is a fairy or some other special creature, in the rp it will be a simple human and will lose the features like wings (unless its power is a mutation that allow him to keep them).

10.Unexplained inactivity for over two months time will result in being kicked out of the roleplay. In the game, this would be the equivalent of being kicked out of the training center.

11. This is more a rule for the training center than the RP. Using one's power for violence is strictly against the rules. This will not result in being kicked out of the RP or the training center, and we do not mind it as a plot. We are only saying that if the headmasters were to find out, your character would face consequences.
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Roleplay Informations & Rules
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