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Elite World Training Center for Gifted Talents
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PostSubject: FAQs    FAQs                      EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 1:52 am

Hellow lovely people!
As you all know, the game is now about to start, and everyone seems to be very excited but ,Ylva and I noticed, also a little confused about what the rp will actually be about. So, here we’ll explain some concepts, try to sum up what you should expect from the rp and solve some doubts that many rpers seems to have. Please read the whole thing, since those things are important to know to be able to properly interact in the rp and, once you read it, please leave a comment letting us know you actually did read this annoucement.

  1. Hello, I am new!
    Hello and welcome to Elite! When we sent you your invitation to the forum, we attached to it a welcome message with a link to "This Page". Please, if you haven't done so already, check it out: it contains all the basic informations that the new members should check.

  2. Not a school, no teachers, no students
    First thing first, let’s go over this point once again, since many people seems to have problem keeping this in mind. Elite is not a school: it’s a training center for UN agents. The characters in the rp are not students but training agents and there are no teachers but trainers. This center is not to help people control their powers, but to train future UN agents. Those who sign up for Elite is well aware that they are working towards a goal of becoming an agent.

  3. Elite does not INVITE anyone.
    To enter Elite your character would have to sign up and be tested and then approved to start training. Therefore, every character has sought out Elite themselves, and has not been specially invited. There is no way for Elite to know of your powers before you let Elite know yourself. Elite does not stalk everyone to see if they are gifted.
    Furthermore, nobody else but you can sign you up for the Elite program, because this is such an important choice and nobody can push you to take it: Elite won't accept anyone who has been forced to take this decision.

  4. Who are the trainers and how they work
    As you all know, the trainers were planned to be NPCs, this is because we want this rp to center around the training agents and not the trainers, and also because the trainers should have been played by quite trusted, quite present rpers that should also agree to respect some rules and accept some responsibilities, and we weren't sure that could be a good idea.
    Ylva and I put a lot of thoughts and effort in this rp and we are trying our very best to make the best choices, however many people asked us to re-think about the trainer being NPCs since they would like have more interactions with the trainers and, after much thinking, we agreed that it's a fair request.
    So, from now on, the trainers will be played by some trusted rpers (that I now take the chance to thank for agreeing to this).
    But there is a but!
    Trainers are quite special characters, and as such they have to subdue to some special rules that now we'll share with you.

    1. A trainer is a trainer. The whole point of those characters is to create a different kind of game, create challenges and give you ideas on how to train your characters and such. The main place where you'll meet the trainers will be in your division, and a little less so in their office. You can meet them outside, have plots with them and such, but keep in mind that a trainer's main purpose is to train.

    2. A trainer is not a teacher: there won't be any lessons that he/she will have to do and your character's training is still mainly entrusted to himself. A trainer is an expert agent or ex-agent with a great deal of experience and theoretical knowledge on this field who will help your character improve: the trainers can set goals for your characters, suggest you researches or ways to improve, give personals tests and/or tests to groups and so on.

    3. No romantic relationships. That might seem unfair, but keep in mind that a rp is not only about romantic relationship and for that there are all the younger agents, a trainer has to stay focused on its primary purpose. We won't allow exceptions, nor any complaints on this point.

    4. As you will notice by yourself, the trainers don't have a profile: that's not a mistake or a lapse of memory, that's just cause, since the trainers won't need much character development and are here to be used more like "party entertainers" than like proper characters, having and sharing a character profile would be only distracting. (This doesn't mean you are justified not to make yours, so if you haven't made yours already, go now! Razz)

    5. A trainer is quite a peculiar character. It comes with many rules and restrictions and more responsibilities that privileges, for this reason it won't count as one of the 5 characters but as an extra one. In the same time, the messages published with those characters won't be counted for the messages to publish to ask for the 4th and 5th character.

    Please do keep in mind though that, even if now the trainers have someone who roleplays them, the main core of the roleplay is still entrusted to the training agents and so is their training. You can't expect trainers to post 50 posts a week, people with trainers want to play other characters too and can't follow each and every agent, especially since it's not expected from them: you can ask suggestions, suggest plots and so on, but please use also your creativity and imagination and figure out stuffs that your character can do on his own to train.

    Keep also in mind that a character's training is his own business, but he is allowed to train with colleagues, even during normal practice and not for special tests with rules decided by the trainer. So, even if in the end your character will have to answer only for his own improvements, he is still free to train with whoever he want, both from his division or not (of course though, if who he decides to train with is not from his division he'll have to train with him in the free time).

    So, we hope this news made you happy, if You have further questions don't hesitate to ask down below Smile

  5. How many NPCs are there on the island?
    "The NPCs"

  6. The headmasters are not NPCs
    This shouldn’t need to be specified but… it’s probably better to do so: Milori and Mirage, the two headmasters, are NOT NPCs. This not only means that they do have a rper, but also that they can’t be used without the rper’s permission.

  7. Every character must have a name and a surname
    Apparently this hasn't been clear for many people so we though it was fair anf right to post an announcement that would clarify it: the name of your character, the one you use to access to the roleplay, has to be the full name, name and surname. Not a false name, not a nickname, the real name and the real surname, to be even more specific, the one that your character is legally registered with.

    Let's explain it even better: in every country you have a General Register Office where the family of the newborn register him or her with a name or a surname, and growing up that name will come up in legal documents and such.
    THAT's the name you have to use.
    Of course, if your character legally changed it (it's possible everywhere to do so, you just need to be an adult, to speak with a judge and to pay) than it's fine, you can give the NEW LEGAL NAME your character has (which will also be the only one accepted, since it's now the only one your character would be legally recognised by), but if that didn't happen then you just have to stick with the name his or her parents gave him.

    Remember, your character has decided to join one of the most important UN facilities to become a UN agent: not only lying to the UN would be unwise since this new aspiring agent would be kicked out as soon as the lie is discovered, but this would also happen quickly since the UN would make at least some researches.
    Now, obviously Milori, Mirage and all the trainers will know the name of your characters, but the other agents will not so you are free not to give it so freely and to ask the trainers to call you by a nickname or something like that, if you care so much about the secrecy of your name.

    ps: you are probably wondering "what about Milori and Mirage?"
    Those are 2 very special agents, they have been with the UN for years and those are just their cover names, but, again, they are inside the UN, they kinda make the rules, while everyone else has to submit.

  8. Again, NOT a school!
    If it hasn’t been clear enough, we shall say that again. Elite is not a school! And since it’s not a school and your characters are not students but training agents, we expect a certain gravity from your characters. They are allowed to goof around, have their own personality, make pranks if they want and so on, but keep in mind that they joined this center because they want to became UN agents! They had to show that they are worth this opportunity, and they know that playing with the trainer’s trust is dangerous, so be careful what kind of pranks your character might do. Start a fight with other students or destroying gadgets that belongs to the center can even result in your character being expelled… of course, if he’s caught.

  9. But what about the young agents, then?
    That's a fair question: what about the agents that are barely more than 13 years old and are still supposed to be in school? Well, there is an easy solution for them, they  can consider themselves homeschooled and will have to take care of they own education, knowing that they'll have to face an exam. The center won't take care of their education, but they will receive some help if needed, and they are expected to finish their studies. Once again, though, those studies have nothing to do with Elite: you character can have a course online, communicate with school through email or whatever you prefer, just remember that this is not connected with Elite.

  10. Then… what do agents do on the island?
    Right. We said that it’s not a school, so no classes and stuffs, we know what our characters WON’T do, but… what WILL they do, then? That’s a fair question! Your character won’t have a strict schedule to respect nor lessons to attempt, however every agent will have 3 mandatory hours tp spend every day at his department for 5 days a week, and other 30 mandatory hours evert month to spend at their department but they they can handle freely.  Of course though, if they want to spend even more time there, they are welcome to do so.

    And how do agents use this time? In general, every agent will work on his own to develop his talent, using the tools that the center and his department specifically gives him and counting on the support of his trainer. The work of each agent can be mainly summed up in two parts: practical and theoretical.

    While the practical part can vary greatly according to the power the agent has, the theoretical part is quite similar for every agent. Every agent is supposed to study hard to understand the implications and the possible uses of his power: there are no homeworks to be done, no essays, no grades, but the agents will have to use those knowledges and they will have to discuss about them with their trainers so slacking off is not an option! Trainers will suggest some books and subjects that the agents will have to study on their own, and they'll have a huge library, the best internet connection ever and the access to a great online database to do their researches.

    For the practical part we'll give some examples to make things easier: people with physical abilities will train as strictly as olympic champions, studying the best schedule with their trainer, trying to push their limits, trying to see in how many scenarios they can use they ability and so on. People with bending powers will try to connect as much as they can with their element, trying to figure more and more ways to dominate over it, trying both to use what they already have and know and to learn more and more. People with ESP powers will do a similar job as people with physical powers, while people with control over biological matters will work more like benders. People with superintelligence will work on projects in their fields, often on projects and researches that might take weeks or even months. We hope you can figure out what your character can do, just keep in mind that for every character it's all about training their ability and push their limits. Keep also in mind that it's not all fighting. PSA will probably have more physical workouts, PEP will probably have more target practise, TMRL will most likely get obstacle courses etc, and then we will have events from time to time. Those might include tournaments (fighting each other), team work, assignments etc.

    This is the basis of the job of each training agent, but it actually doesn't stop here. Part of the routine of the agents are the tests they have to face every month, the group activities, the "special tests" that are held randomly and the extra activities. The monthly tests needs to show the progress each agent has or hasn't had to his trainer, so that the trainer will be able to suggest a different kind of work for the following month or instead to ask the agent to focus more or so on. The agents are also invited to train in group, since they will have to work with other agents as well when they'll be ready to leave the island: sometimes it will be the trainer who will form a group and ask the agents to work together on something, but a group activity can be born from the agents's initiative as well. Those groups, though, are formed only by agents from the same divisions. There are, though, some special tests that simulate real missions and that are organized by the headmasters that allow agents from different divisions to work together. Lastly, the extra activities: your character is expected to be a UN agent, and surely the more capable he'll be, even beside his superpower, the more useful he'll be. Beside the huge gym that each division has, every agent has full access to labs and gyms, libraries and pools, being able to improve both mentally and phisically. What your character will do, it's up to you and not every agent will be good in everything, obviously, but if, let's say, a waterbender wants to hit the gym to be a great athlete because he believes that he'll do a lot of physical activity as an agent, he's more than welocome to do so.

  11. So why am I here?
    Let's go over this point one more time, cause it's important and I don't want you people to misinterpret the rp: not a school, no students, no teachers. Your characters are training UN agents, they are well aware they have signed a contract that will bond them to this lifestyle for their whole lives. They will be able in future to have different lives but they will still have to do at least a period of service and, in case of need, they will have to go serve the UN as soon as called. This is what your character want, this is not some imposed choice: for some reason or another, this looks good to your character. Either cause serving the UN is a good price to pay to learn to deal with your power or just cause it was always your dream to be a spy, you know what you signed for and it was your choice to do so.

  12. Nobody leave the island!
    This is well specified in the rules, but let's go over this again: The center is set on an island in the Pacific Ocean, far away from civilization and society, to ensure the safety of civilians. Training can prove dangerous, and it is UNs utmost concern to protect innocent bystanders from being endangered. Because of this, no one are allowed to leave the island during their training. This means that your characters are stuck on this island for a couple of years, that's why there is no location outside the island. (And please, don't ask for one: the only people that need a location outside the island are the ones that have been kicked out Razz)

  13. We have a great mail service
    As we said, agents are stuck here for some years, until they have completed their training, and trainers and headmasters are bound to their duty to stay with them. Now, the island is great and you can find on it more or less everything you would dream for, but still, it doesn't have everything: a special piece of technology or mom's special cookies, to have those you have to receive them through mail. Luckily the island has a great mail service: since the island itself needs to receive supplies from the outside world, there is a special address families as well as companies from which agents can buy from online can send stuffs to without giving away the real location of the island. From this address, the mail will be put on the ship with the rest of the stuffs and periodically sent to the island. The mail arrives once every three weeks, so quite often too.

  14. Are the levels a punishment?
    For fuck's sake no! We decided to add the level system both to avoid OP (over-powered) characters and to add a little variety to the game. It's obvious that not all characters can be superman, the game would be boring and dull if they were. Beside, the two co-hosts did keep in consideration what you yourself wrote both in your audition and in your profile to decide a level for your character.
    On said scale, a 1-2 would be rather weak, almost a normal human. 3-4 would still be weak, but the powers would be clear. A 5 would be the average strength level of powers. 6-7 would equal strong, but managable strength, whilst an 8-9 would be quite a dangerous level. A 10 is almost unheard of, and just a handful of people worldwide possess this power.
    Keep in mind that the level is just the character's potential, so he might not have reaches its full development yet: that means that he might still reach this full potential, but that this level will never grow nor decrease. Keep also in mind that a high level doesn't make your character a good agent, vice versa, a low level doesn't make your character a bad agent: have fun working with your levels guys, keep in mind that your character, no matter what level has, is still above a normal human being! Give him the chance to be a great agent working with what he has!

  15. How can I claim more characters?
    The rule is simple and easy: in any moment you can ask up to 3 characters, to ask for more, however, you have to prove the fact that you are actually active on the rp. 3 characters are relatively easy to handle, more can become challenging and we don't want rpers with awful numbers of characters that are never played.
    To ask for a 4th character you have to show your activity over a period of 2 months, making at least 50 posts with each of your 3 characters and a total of at least 200 posts.
    To ask for a 5th character you have to show your activity, again, over a period of 2 months, making again at least 50 posts with each of your 4 characters and a total of at least 300 posts.
    We decided that the maximum limit will be of 5 characters: 5 characters are already pretty challenging and we expect a player that reaches such a limit to use them all, so we see no need to increase such a number.
    You can start booking the character you're interested in 2 weeks before the 2 months deadline, if you have collected all the posts necessary.

  16. You can't claim other characters such as family members
    Now some rp allow that but, since the number of CGI character is still limited, we preferred not to allow such an option, especially since your characters will be stuck on this island for the whole length of the rp and therefore you won't be able to show the family and such. You can use some character in fanarts or videos to portray family members, but still you can't claim them, and if other people use the same characters... well, as we said, there aren't too many characters available and it's in their right, so please don't start war world II for such a petty thing, ok?

  17. What exactly are the divisions and how important are they?
    The divisions are the groups of agents inside the center, groups created according to the family of powers. Each division has 1 trainer and 1 gym/lab and, excluding special occasions, the agents will train only with their own trainer and the agents of their own division. Agents of one division can't even visit the gym of another division. But, of course, outside the training hours and the gyms, agents of all divisions are more than welcome to spend time together.

  18. What exactly are the divisions in the training center?
    The divisions are big gyms where every agents can find whatever he needs to push his limits and test and train his own power, individually or in group. For example, or IRTS you can imagine something similar to lab from the 'nerd school' from Big Hero 6... but even bigger, even with more stuffs! Now apply something similar to each division and you'll have the right idea Wink

  19. About sex and pregnancies
    Since I've been asked this more than once I think it's fitting to put this on the FAQ: it is allowed for characters to have sex, it's not the trainers's business what the agents do in their free time and if they want to enjoy each other company on that level... well, nobody will stop them. Though keep in mind that children are not allowed in the game, and therefore... no pregnancies allowed either: if your character should get pregnant, she should have to leave the island (or, well, abort). So keep in mind: sex is no, but no kids and no pregnancies.

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Okay! Smile
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Owkay ♥
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Okay Smile
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Got it! Wink
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