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 The Divisions & Division Assignation

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PostSubject: The Divisions & Division Assignation   The Divisions & Division Assignation EmptySun May 17, 2015 10:54 pm

*PLEASE NOTE: This list also includes auditoning characters who have not yet been accepted into the roleplay, their names, though, are striked.

PSA (Physical strength and attributes)
Trainer: Edna Mode (super intellect)

PSA focuses on physical power. This is the division for those with super strength, durability, healing/regeneration, super senses, longevity/immortality, and other powers of this kind.


  1. Duncan Astor - (Fire Breathing)
  2. Marieanne Treyelyan - (Immortality)
  3. Ramona Jackson - (Super Strength)
    Rapunzel - (Superhair)
  4. Reno Sinclair - (Super Healing)
  5. Roxas Gerion - (Super Strength)
  6. Yazoo Crescent - (Super Resistence)

TMRL (Transportation, movement and relocation)
Trainer: Carl Fredriksen (teletrasportation)

TMRL is the place to be for those with transportational powers such as flying, teleportation, climbing/wall crawling, exceptional leaping, breathing underwater, phasing/intangibility and similar powers


  1. Cleo Hassan - (Portal Manifestation)
  2. Fiona Brogan - (Super Agility)
  3. Harry Miles - (Wing Mutation)
  4. Leon Kennedy - (Superspeed)
    Noel - (Merman)
  5. Roxanne Richardson - (Teletransportation)
  6. Shin Kamiya - (Breath Underwater)
  7. Twyla Dolan - (Shadow Travel)
  8. Zack Fair - (Wing Mutation)

ECM (Elemental control and manipulation)
Trainer: Clarion Trell (Weather manipulation)

ECM specializes in control and manipulation of the elements, such as water, air, earth, fire, light, darkness/shadows, gravity, magnetic forces, radiation, sound, energy and more


  1. Abigail Price - (Firebending)
  2. Annika Robberts - (Icebending)
  3. Kadaj Crescent - (Radiation Manipulation)
  4. Karissa Breeze - (Airbending)
  5. Lara Wen - (Waterbending)
  6. Claire Foster - (Electrokinesis)
  7. Luca Matthews - (Firebending)
  8. Nolan Anderson - (Electrokinesis)
  9. Riku Coswell - (Magnetic Control)
  10. Vidia Ryans - (Gravity Manipulation)

PEP (Psychic and esper powers)
Trainer: Nicholas St. North (mind control)

PEP targets psychic and esper powers such as telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, possession, memory manipulation, mindblasts, locating someone mentally, forcefields, psychometry and powers of this kind.


  1. Alisa Bosconovitch - (Mind Relocation)
  2. Aquamarine Deluna - (Psychoscopy)
  3. Buddy Pine - (Memory Manipulation)
  4. Coraline Jones - (Fear Inducement)
  5. Eret Nielsen - (Psychoscopy)
    Hans - (Full Possession)
  6. Jack Frost - (Telekinesis)
  7. Jodie Holmes - (Telekinesis)
  8. Maude Evans - (Mind Reading)
  9. Nicola Loiselle - (Psychic Energy Manipulation)
  10. Rosetta Rider - (Hypnosis through song)
    Zarina Hamada - (Hypnosis through song)

BCM (Biological control and manipulation)
Trainer: Eliza Gothel (poison secretion)

BCM trains talents in biological control and manipulation. This includes control of biological substances such as acid and poison, controlling or communicating with plants and animals, shapeshifting, and control over other biological matters.


  1. Astrid Hofferson - (Blood Bending)
  2. Audrey Wozniak - (Agrokinesis)
  3. Bryony Shelfley - (Wood Manipulation)
  4. Fawn Wayne - (Animal Speech)
  5. Hiccup Haddock - (Animal Speech)
  6. Kiyomi Hanterly - (Shapeshifting)
  7. Mary Kathrine Bomba - (Shapeshifting)
  8. Mavis Dracula - ( Bat transformation)
  9. Onceler Helms - (Animal Speech)
  10. Remi Mercer - (Healing)
  11. Wilson Samuels Jr - (Animal Shapeshifting)

IRTS (Intelligence, resources and technical support)
Trainer: Robert Callaghan (super intellect)

IRTS recognizes the worth of pure mental abilities such as super intelligence, skills and knowledge. Popular categories includes science, mechanical, computer/electronics, weapon-handling/military, piloting and such for future back support.


  1. Andy Davis - (Technokinesis)
  2. Hiro Hamada - (Super Intelligence - speciality: computer science)
  3. Jackson Jekyll - (Superintelligence - speciality: codes)
  4. Kristoff Buchanan - (Photographic Perception)  
  5. Renée de Brisay - (Super Intelligence - speciality: military vehicles)
  6. Tadashi Bennett - (Technokinesis)
  7. Xion Fair - (Absolute memory)

MPT (Miscellaneous powers and talent)
Trainer: Ebenizer Scrooge (shield power)

MPT indulges in miscellaneous powers and talents such as self-liquification, gaseous form, growth/shrinking, self-duplication, invisibility, negating someone elses powers momentarily, illusions, density control, removing senses (such as hearing, balance or sight) and similar powers.


  1. Anna Blake - (Illusions)
  2. Cloud Strife - (Temperature Control)
  3. Flynn Rider - (Sensational Illusions)
  4. John Beckett - (sizeshifting)
  5. Lucille Paradis - (Illusions)
  6. Merida MacTavish - (Gaseous Form)
  7. Noctis Lucis Caelum - (Pain Manipulation)
  8. Ted Wiggins - (Matter Absorption)
  9. Victor Van-Dort - (Passive Energy Absorption)
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The Divisions & Division Assignation
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