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 Twyla Dolan

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Twyla Dolan

Twyla Dolan

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Name: Twyla Dolan
Face: Twyla from Monster High: 13 Wishes

Age: 18

Family members:
Father: Brian Dolan
Mother: Carrie Dolan
Unknown half-sibling



Superpower: Shadow Travel

Description of superpower: She can teleport through shadows in order to travel to different places. She can only travel through shadows and it works best at night as there are more shadows. When she travels through the shadow, her body dematerializes and her consciousness is the only thing left which allows her to focus on her destination and navigate through the shadows.

Because her body dematerializes and it is just her mind and consciousness left, Twyla can hide in the shadows for prolonged periods of time without needing nourishment or sleep.  Also, when she is in this suspended state, her body stops aging until she rematerializes. While she is in this suspended state, she can sense what is going on around her, provided there are shadows around for her to hide in.  

Personality: Twyla is a quiet, intellectual and independent person. She is very thoughtful and likes to observe what is going on around her.  She does not talk a lot and when she does it is often surprisingly deep and very thought-provoking. When people first meet her, they tend to think that she is shy but it is quite the opposite. When she first meets people, Twyla prefers to observe and analyze who they are before engaging in in-depth conversation. She can engage in small talk but she prefers to have more meaningful and deep conversations with people with whom she feels connected.

Twyla can come across as very serious, philosophical and a bit formal but she also loves to have fun and she has a good sense of humour. She enjoys playing around and letting loose with those she feels connected to and comfortable with. She is also a very creative and imaginative person who loves to express herself through the arts. Thanks to her love and dedication to the arts plus a hard-work ethic, Twyla has become a very good ballet/contemporary dancer and an accomplished violinist and pianist.

Story: Twyla Dolan was born to Carrie and Brian Dolan on a very snowy and cold day in December. She grew up an only child and was often lonely. She quickly learned how to keep herself occupied and to be independent. Both her parents had very high profile jobs and were not home a lot. Even from a young age, Twyla could remember spending more time with nannies or babysitters than she did with her parents. Her parents  also made sure that Twyla was involved in a lot of extracurricular activities so that she was also busy and was always learning something new. It was very important to both her parents that she was not only achieving her fully potential but also exceeding it. While Twyla did not stick with all of these various activities, the ones that Twyla did continue to pursue were dance and music.

With two very pushy parents whom both wanted the best of their daughter (each with their own reasons), young Twyla found herself wanting to be able to hide sometimes. Other times she wished that she could just have someone to talk to. Someone that wouldn't turn every conversation into a lecture or a progress report, someone that would be able to sit down with her and just listen to her. She got her wish, both of them. A few days before Twyla turned 6 years old, she found something in her mother's closet. It was December and little Twyla was looking for signs of her birthday and Christmas presents when she found an old wooden box hidden behind her mother's collection of high-heels. Curious, Twyla opened the box to find an old birth certificate, a couple of ultrasound pictures, a plastic bag with a couple locks of hair and an old pair of baby's sneakers. As Twyla looked at the odd mixture of item, she realized that somewhere she had an older sibling. Excited, confused and a bit hurt, Twyla presented the box to her mother and asked where her sibling was. Shocked at her daughter's discover, Carrie grabbed the box out of Twyla's hands and told her not to think about her older sibling or ever mention them again. She told her daughter that they were gone and most likely dead. She then forbid Twyla from ever going near her closet again.

Shocked and hurt by her mother's outburst, little Twyla promised and tried to do as her mother asked. However, she couldn't forget about her unknown sibling. She decided to write them a letter and secretly mail it to them. When she finished writing it, Twyla realized that she had no idea where to send it. She couldn't ask her mother and she decided that asking her father would be a bad idea. So she decided to hide it and find away to send it later. Imitating her mother, Twyla put the letter in an empty shoebox and hid it in her closet behind her dress-up box. In time, Twyla forgot about trying to mail the letter but whenever she was feeling lonely or sad or unsure of what to do, she would write a letter to her unknown sibling, seal it in an envelope then stick it in the shoebox.

Twyla's second wish, to find a way to hide, came true two years later. She was 8 years old and it was also happened during the Christmas season. Twyla and her parents were getting ready to go to a charity Christmas party hosted by the company that her father owned. However, Twyla did not want to go as she did not like parties and most often found them very boring. To this day, she can remember the exact order of events for that particular day; she was hiding inside the closet in the entrance way, waiting for her parents and wishing that she didn't have to go when she suddenly fell into the shadows of the dark closet. Everything around her was soundless, it was so dark that she couldn't see anything. She felt weightless and ethereal. She quickly realized that she had no body, only her mind existed in this weird place. On some level, Twyla knew she should have felt scared but she didn't. She felt at peace, there was nothing and no one was in this dark place but her. It was an oddly comforting feeling. She spent awhile in that suspended state but eventually she thought about her parents and returning home. When she did so, Twyla could see what looked like a darkened picture of her parents standing in the entrance way talking to a group of policemen. When she thought harder about her parents, the picture came closer and she could hear what they were saying. They were talking about her! Gently as if pushing aside a light curtain, Twyla stepped out of the shadows and back into the dark closet. She then opened the doors and walked up to her parents and the policemen. Needless to say, everyone was very surprised and a little ticked off that she wasn't really 'missing' but had been hiding in the 'closet'.

Twyla never told her parents about her powers as she felt they would not understand and would try to 'help' her by getting rid of them. So she kept them a secret and practiced in quiet. She got very good at her 'shadow travel' and would use it whenever she needed to make a quick escape or a quiet place to hide.

However when Twyla was in her last year of highschool, the secrecy ended. It was near the beginning of the school year when a lady came to her school to advertise an Elite Training Center that was looking for individuals with 'special powers'. This intrigued Twyla and after the presentation, she went up to the lady to ask her some questions and gain more information. What she learned was astonishing. One, there were others like her. Two, there was now a safe place where they could train and learn more about their powers. This left Twyla in a complicated position. She wanted to attend the Training Center but she would need to speak to her parents about it.

Before she told her parents about her powers and the Training Center, Twyla learned everything she could about the Center and made all the necessary preparations to attend the Center herself. Only once this was done did she tell her parents. They reacted as she expected; with shock, horror and anger. Her mother in particular was very shocked and did not take it at all well. They only allowed Twyla to attend if she agreed to speak with her trainers and find out how she could 'get rid of her powers'. Twyla agreed but secretly, she had no intention of doing so. After Twyla had passed the necessary tests application process, she called her parents from the Center and told them that she had no intention of getting rid of her powers. She was going to this Center with the sole purpose of training her powers and learning how to use them better. After hearing this her parents hung up on her. Twyla and her parents have not spoken since.

Twyla is very artistic young lady. She enjoys reading and writing anything from plays to poetry and all that is in between. She is also a very good ballet and contemporary dancer as well as a very accomplished violinist and pianist.

Her guilty pleasures are stupid movies, cheesy romance movies, musicals or combinations of all three.

Christmas is a very complicated time for Twyla as it brings up many confusing feelings. While she enjoys the season as her birthday is during this time and she likes winter, it is also a very hard time for her as a lot of life-changing and complicated events in her life took place during the Christmas season.

For fashion, Twyla enjoys Victorian inspired clothing. As for her hair, Twyla has been dying it since she was 13. It is actually a very dark brown.
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Twyla Dolan
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