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Vidia Ryans
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Karissa Breeze

Karissa Breeze

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PostSubject: Re: FIRST EVENT - PART2 - ALFA TEAM   FIRST EVENT -  PART2 - ALFA TEAM - Page 2 EmptyThu Sep 24, 2015 9:31 pm

When reading the articles online, she heard Cloud asking her a question regarding having Astrid seeing her victim first, she nods. "Yes, correct." She said, and pointed to where the article points his answer. "As for people with super speed, she could actually not have Leon be her victim due to him running super fast." She said, with another nod. As she saw him getting concerned about Absorbing Energy, she looked at him and nods. "Yeah, I agree with you. Energy absorbing does sound pretty powerful. Good thing we got Buddy here to manipulate one's mind." She said, and nods at his statement. She then closes up her computer and pulls out her charger to charge with her battery brick. "Anyone can use it just in case one needs to look up something." She called out, and ran up to Cloud to hear his instructions. She then heard his request to try something regarding her windshield, and she nods. "Well, I've been practicing on my own regarding those powers. So, let me practice that right now." She said, and tries to remember what Clarion taught her about the windshields and from her books as well. She starts to get some leaves and puts them on the ground. "Ok, Cloud. Watch." She then starts to have her arms be in some "X" position and gazes at the leaves. As some shields start to come out, some leaves try to go through the wind shields, but, they don't. "Now, you requested me to start doing them from a couple of kilometers away. That, I can try." She said, and stood back. She takes some deep breaths and steps her foot into the middle of the ground. She then gets into the same position and some more comes out. "I hope this is alright, Cloud." She said, as she stays in that position for a bit so, she can get his approval.
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Riku Coswell

Riku Coswell

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PostSubject: Re: FIRST EVENT - PART2 - ALFA TEAM   FIRST EVENT -  PART2 - ALFA TEAM - Page 2 EmptyThu Sep 24, 2015 11:02 pm

Riku rolled his eyes. The guy was a womanizer. The only reason he was even being nice to the women on their team was because he wanted to sleep with them. He sighed and leaned against one of the nearby trees. "Whatever man..." he muttered. "You and the last air bender can talk strategy all you want. Won't make a difference if you can't act on them."
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