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 Roommate list & Dormitories description

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PostSubject: Roommate list & Dormitories description   Roommate list & Dormitories description EmptyMon May 18, 2015 6:53 pm

Hello people!
As I’m sure you all have read, the rp is set on a far away island and we have quite a few locations. Best part of them are self explanatory and don’t require any specific explanation or description: use your imagination and a tinsy bit of common sense and you’ll be fine Wink
There is, though, one location that is a bit more characterised and therefore it requires a little explanation: the dormitories.
The dormitories are only for the new agents (the trainers have their own dormitory where they won't be disturbed) and they count 3 floors. The 3 floors are totally identical: there is one laundry room and one kitchen in each floor, and then it’s just rooms, rooms, rooms. The kitchens are open night and day if anyone wants to cook something, even if going to the cafeteria is most common. There’s plenty of instruments in there, however there are no ingredients so if you wish to cook something you’ll have to bring your own ingredients from your room. It’s also pretty obvious but people are invited to use the kitchen and laundry room of their own floor and to clean after the use.

And now… let’s go to the juicy part: the rooms! There are two kind of rooms for the agents: rooms for two and rooms for three. I’m sorry for all the loners, no single bedrooms!
Since the facility doesn't deal with college students... well, not only with college students, it was decided to give them something more comfortable than a mere bedroom. Each little apartment include an entrance/living room which is also a study and where are also provided some cabinets and a fridge (there is no kitchen inside the room, but there is no rule against food inside the room). The other 2 rooms are a small bathroom and the bedroom where each agent has his own bed, his own night table and his own drawers.
Those rooms might not be Buckingham palace, but they surely do have all the comfort needed and they just wait to be turned into home Smile

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And now let's go to the best part: the roommates! Since the rp is now open and people will join 'one by one', is not possible anymore to pick your own roommate and Ylva and I will take care of finding a roommate for your character.
Normally you'll find double rooms on the first and second floor and triple rooms on the third, but a third bed and desk can easily be added to any room so it might happen that a two girls from the first floor or two boys from the second floor will have to deal with a new roommate.

  • Floor 1: (females only, rooms for 2)
    - A-001: Mary Kathrine Bomba & Karissa Breeze
    - A-002: Lara Wen & Audrey Wozniak
    - A-003: Nicola Loiselle & Marieanne Treyelyan
    - A-004: Xion Fair & Annika Robberts
    - A-005: Fawn Wayne & Abigail Price
    - A-014: Elsa Svart & Cassie Tyler
    - A-017: Lucille Paradis & Kadaj Crescent
    - A-018: Astrid Hofferson & Cleo Hassan
    - A-019: Fiona Brogan & Bryony Shelfley
    - A-020: Mavis Dracula & Anna Blake
    - A-021: Aquamarine Deluna & Alisa Bosconovitch
    - A-022: Maude Evans & Jodie Holmes

Roommate list & Dormitories description Floor1_zpsfiwubezx

  • Floor 2: (males only, rooms for 2)
    - B-001: Pitch Black & Andy Davis
    - B-003: Ryan Bates & Fred Sanders
    - B-004: Buddy Pine & Leon Kennedy
    - B-005: Daniel Novak & Nolan Anderson
    - B-018: Ted Wiggins & Hiro Hamada
    - B-019: Yazoo Crescent & Jackson Jekyll
    - B-020: Duncan Astor & Sunny Samuels
    - B-021: Zack Fair & Noctis Lucis Caelum

Roommate list & Dormitories description Floor2_zpsyivjsq8v

  • Floor 3: (mixed genders, rooms for 3)
    - C-001: Renée de Brisay, Remi Mercer & Leiko Tanaka
    - C-002: Kristoff Buchanan, Riku Coswell & Jack Frost
    - C-003: Vidia Ryans & Claire Foster {WAITING FOR THIRD ROOMMATE}
    - C-004: Eret Nielsen, Victor Van-Dort & Roxas Gerion
    - C-005: Rosetta Rider, Kiyomi Haunterly & Roxanne Richardson
    - C-018: Hiccup Haddock, Harry Miles & Cloud Strife
    - C-019: Iridessa Washington, Ramona Jackson & Merida MacTavish
    - C-021: Luca Matthews, Onceler Helms & John Beckett
    - C-022: Flynn Rider, Reno Sinclair & Tadashi Bennett

Roommate list & Dormitories description Floor3_zpsctnydltn
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Roommate list & Dormitories description
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